The Traveling Diaries

12:00 Alarm clock rings.

12:49 Getting ready and simply tossing stuff into my suitcase (only to realize 10 hours later that I forgot things of great importance such as my beloved burgundy red lipstick. How am I supposed to go through Christmas season without it?) . Listening to that. I know it’s in Russian and cheesy, but it’s awfully catchy. #the_perks_of_living_in_a_multilingual_environment

13:20 Sweetest “Have a nice trip” text from my friend G. –thanks girl!

13:45 Arriving at the train station –we made it! I said we because kindest bf in the world insisted of walking me to the station. One last goodbye kiss before the train doors close!

15:10 I’m the first one waiting in the line to drop off my luggage. I got here so early even the airport desk clerk isn’t here!

16:40 Picking out books for me to read during the flight. In a world where everybody buys perfume and alcohol in Duty Free I choose books. I’m still waiting for my alien parents to pick me up.

17:20 People watching at the gate. Airplane full of Greeks just landed. Is there one –just one- Greek woman that hasn’t dyed her hair blonde? Note to self: Try traveling on high-heels to see if it works and if you feel so fabulous as all these women  look.

18:06 Steve Jobs look-alike is sitting in my seat! Go awaaaaaaay, this window seat is meant for me!

19:23 Forgeting that book and the pile of fashion magazines resting in peace in my bag and opting for a nap instead.

19:45 Only to regret it a little later, my neck hurts!

20:30 Airplane food, airplane food –did I say I hate it?

21:30 Seeing Athens ‘ night lights from above; I’m in love.

22:30 (Local time) Hurray! We’re in Athens! The package has reached its destination.

22:48 Awesome dad waiting for me outside luggage claim. “Did you get taller, honey?” and big hugs.

23:36 Home, sweet home! Brother wearing non-matching pajama top and bottom, cat meowing hello, Christmas decoration everywhere and my mum’s all time classic question “Did you lost weight?” 


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