The Sifnos Diaries – Details Make The Difference

The second part of my Sifnos diaries consists mostly of random photos that where taken in different places. Therefore, it does not revolve around selected locations; instead it focuses on minor details that make everyday life on the island beautiful and unique.

For example, slim felines with silky fur and piercing eyes seem to be everywhere. Only after I took this photo and zoomed in, I realised that this cat had two differently colored eyes. Even though black cats are supposed to bring bad luck, I find them truly fascinating.

Bougainvilleas are everywhere! Seriously now, I can not think of another color combination I could love more than this one: pink, blue and white.

Sifnos, just like several other Greek islands, is well-known for its pottery goods. In the past, the ornaments you see below where place on the top of the chimneys, while now, since most modern houses do not have a fireplace, they are used as decorative elements in gardens and patios.

Another cat…

The beautiful little port of the village Faros.

My brother and I sat down for a little while sightseeing at Kastro, a little village on the top of a hill. Since in the Cyclades is it always a little windy, I would strongly advice the ladies to stay away from flowy dresses and skirts. I guess I dressed a little impetuously, so I had my fair share of Marilyn Monroe moments while wandering in the alleys of the village.

House of Cats.

“Another cat?”, you may ask. If the cat in the first photo was black like Batman, this one is definitely the White Knight.

That how ordering an omelette in our favorite cafe “To Votsalo” in Platys Gialos looks. We kept going back day after day, therefore to say that we tasted almost everything in the menu would not be an exaggeration.

This little church in the middle of the blue sea was located next to Kastro making the view even more breathtaking. Would you dare walk down the aisle climb all that long way down? 

Ending today’s post with a beautiful sunset shot. Get to Kamares around seven thirty in the afternoon to see the skyline change into all shades of orange, pink, red, purple and blue in just half an hour.

Un beso enorme,

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