The Roommate Diaries: The Good, the Bad and Who’s Taking the Trash Out?

I used to think that having a roommate – let alone two – sets boundaries to your freedom. Guess what? It doesn’t. Apart from not being able to run around naked, you can keep doing everything you want as long as you keep it decent and civilized.

The official roommates.
Chapter One: Inviting friends over for coffee and cake – very ladylike, I know – or drinks – this one can get loud and rowdy sometimes always? There’s nothing easier than including your roommate(s) in your guest list. After the first time one of my roommates joined our usual drinking games pre-party session, all my friends had to say about her was how nice and sweet she was. (Hint: Feelings were mutual.)

Chapter Two: Bonding over pizza. I don’t know anyone who is incapable of bonding over a) carbs in the form of luscious Italian food, b) coffee, c) cocktails, or d) all of the above.

Chapter Three: Organize, organize, organize. As soon as you move into the new house make a plan: who cleans/ pays/ buys what and when. Who takes the trash out? Put some money aside and create a joint budget for the things everything uses in da house. Do that and you’ll never run out of toilet paper again.

Chapter Four: Talking of toilet paper, I’m the kind of person who buys stuff at the last minute, just before they run out. My roommate, on the other hand, tends to take notice of such stuff earlier and take action quickly (aka. go grocery shopping).

Chapter Five: Mi coffee machine es su coffee machine. A fellow coffee addict brought a beautiful coffee machine with her when moving in, which is actually a dream come true. Note to self (and to dear readers): Always ask for permission if you want to use some of you roommate’s stuff – don’t you ever dare forget about it!!! , be super gentle when using it and return it in its initial condition. Easy as 1, 2 ,3! #squeaky_clean

Chapter Six: Treat the others the way you want them to treat you. Long story short: I literally HATE doing the dishes. I rarely ever use this word, so beware. But I also can’t stand seeing them all piled up in the sink. Even when the kitchen’s super clean and tidied up, stacks of dirty dishes in the sink will definitely make it look messy. So I put all my procrastination issues and laziness aside and do mine as soon as possible, trying to set an example, no hoping that the others will do the same.


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  1. I can't think of any funny anecdotes, yet we are considered the crazy partying students that live in the top floor by the rest of the tenants -who are, let's say, older than our university itself 😛

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