The One About Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day again! 

And somehow I managed to be single(ish) again!

But this year is different.

I’m not bitter; I don’t feel like Avada Kedavra-ing every single pair that crosses my path. Strangely enough I’m excited, I’m pining for it like it was my birthday – which also happens to be around the corner.

All I long for is seeing my coupled up friends – nearly 97% of my friends altogether – going on beautiful, romantic dates. The same I do wish for my readers. *wink-wink*

I want to bake red-velvet pastries, look for frilly lingerie online, buy chocolate, wear red lipstick, walk around as carefree as the protagonist in ads for sanitary pads, listen to Frank Sinatra and have long talks about sex and relationships.

The chances to celebrate are very rare. Why deprive ourselves of a special day?

In the previous years, my main strategy was to sit at home so as to avoid merry couples walking in the streets and concentrate on my homework in order to distract myself. Now I’ve reflected upon it, it’s no wonder why I used to hate Valentine’s Day. 

The cherry on top of my Valentine’s Day routinr was the extensive research focusing on my ex’s and other cute people’s I’ve dated online profiles (aka. stalking on facebook) to ensure that my love life was the only one spiralling downwards. As a result, I ended up feeling miserable and lonely. And no amount of cream ‘n’ cookies ice-cream can mend this – trust me, I’ve tried. 🙂

This year I’m setting myself free to take pleasure in everything considered materialistic, superficial, pink and ridiculously romantic. Being in London definitely adds to the celebrative mood!

Lots of (juicy, red-lipstick) kisses,


PS: Or as a friend noted, I have a pretty good reason to want to celebrate; the last year has seen many successes in the bloodstained field of love, flirt and relationships.
PS2: Facebook anyone? Tweet me maybe?

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3 thoughts on “The One About Valentine’s Day

  1. Yay! you're writing again! 🙂
    Such a lovely post. especially the Valentine's Card: it's what I need 😀
    In London for Valentine's Day? seems like a Valentine's Present in itself. Do it like Carrie Bradshaw: have dates with the city and be amazed by the places where life takes you 🙂
    Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day!

  2. Hahaha, indeed! Valentine's Day felt like the perfect excuse to start writing again! I think the most Valentine-like thing I did on that day was sampling M&Ms that had "I Love You" written all over them! 😀 Hope you had fun, too!
    PS: Your quoting Carrie Bradshaw was toootally unexpectable, if you ask me!

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