The One About The Running Playlist

If thinking up excuses for not going to the gym was an Olympic sport, I would be a gold Olympic medalist.
Seriously, I can get really creative.
However, I found out that running helps me de-stress and clear my thoughts when things get… complicated.
Just like Sherlock*, I go to my mind palacewhen I run. Either I don’t think of anything at all (university-related stress, friends, boy trouble, etc.) or some serious brainstorming is in process.
I prefer running on the treadmill, though, since a) it is too cold in Germany for me to run outside, b) it is too rainy in Germany for me to run outside, and c) I usually get distracted by the picturesque scenery and stop to take photos for Instagram.
“Pfff, running on the treadmill is boring”, you’d say – I can picture you thinking it.
This is why I created a list with my favorite songs to run or power walk to.
It’s a very danceable one, so consider yourself warned in case you feel the urge to jump off the treadmill and do a Wannabe-choreography inside the gym. Or while you’re running on the street – omg! Beware of that green light!
Let me walk you through it.
1.    You’re bored. You’re not feeling really motivated. You feel tired. What do you need? An uplifting song, feel-good song, that’s why we’re going to start our run with Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. You might not be on running mode yet – you need to warm up with a little fast walking first, but the song’s positive vibes feel contagious.
2.    Keep up that fast walking, we’re going to sex it up a little. Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake comes next. You want to be strutting down the catwalk treadmill with confidence. In addition, working out is going to make your back look sexier, geddit it?
3.    Speed it up with Kelly Rowland’s Commander. “Right now I command you to ruuuuuun/ I’ll be your commander…”
4.    Now we need more girl power to kick it into high gear and what’s better than Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj? Nicki is purely guilty pleasure material (if you agree with this, don’t forget to add Starships into your running list!)
5.    By now you’re probably thinking “Kate, I’m starting to sweat and breathe heavily and this cute guy across the room is looking at me, but I feel like I’m running like Phoebe from that Friends’ episode, where she was jogging at the park with Rachel (aka as an enthusiastic weirdo). What should I do?” I want to you to listen to the Glee cover of Sexy and I Know It by the Glee Cast featuring the one and only R-i-c-k-y M-a-r-t-i-n. He’s sexy, Spanish is a sexy language and the word sexy is repeated more time than Barney Stinson has said “Challenge Accepted”. Are you feeling it yet? Yes? Good. Now, turn nonchalantly towards him and glance at him. No no, that was too intense!
6.    Okay, now get ready to give 110% of your energy! Try listening to Watch Out For Zouka by Bang La Decks vs. Major Lazer, Faith by BlasterJaxx, Utopia by Bang La Decks and 212 by Azaelia Banks ft. Lazy Jay. These I consider to be my “cool music”, since there’s embarrassingly lots of pop music and vintage-y Greek swing songs saved in my cellphone’s memory card. If you haven’t heard of Bang La Decks, they are an incredible DJ duo from Greece. Apart from awesome party material, their music is also ideal for running – it always gets me pumped up. Btw if you’re doing intervals, alternating running with walking/ jogging) you might want to switch between these songs and something less energetic for when you slow down.
7.    Show Me The Money by Petey Pablo. It belongs to the soundtrack of the first Step Up movie, so I added to the list mostly because of sentimental reasons.
8.    Wild Ones by Flo Rida ft. Sia. I’m discovered Sia very recently and I love her music, so I was looking for a way to incorporate it into this list, since I usually reserve my Elastic Heart/ Chandelier re-enactments for a few privileged friends and relatives. Or really dark alleys.
9.    Finally Found You by Enrique Inglesias. I find some of the lyrics a bit creepy: “You know I’m gon get ya, yeah/Whatever it takes to get there […]I’m coming, I’ll get ya, yeah […] cause girl I’m not letting go”. Therefore I want you to imagine yourself being chased by a creepy guy and keep running!
10.  It’s almost the end of the workout, you can slow down now. You did such a great job, feeling tired but oh-so-good! Don’t you think you need some Applause (by Lady Gaga) for your effort?
Hope you enjoyed the list and you’re going to use it for future running/ walking/ dancing sessions. You don’t all of the songs, you can always pick and choose what matches your mood or/and speed. It also depends on what kind of music you enjoy the most when you’re exercising. There are many people, who prefer the beat of house or dance music, but I really love lyrics, they keep my mind busy when I need some distraction!
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*If you haven’t watched the series already, you seriously need to. Like, start right now. No, wait. First go running and then come home,


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