The One About Resolutions

To all of you who haven’t read my wishes on Flâneur’s facebook page, I’d like to wish you a very happy new year. I hope you find what you’re looking for in 2015 or, in case you’ve already found it, I hope you have the will, energy, and enthusiasm to pursuit it restlessly.
I’d like to kick in my 2015 blogging game with a more or less conventional post – a post about resolutions. Many of you may be the resolution type; many of you may think of them of silly or unrealistic. I haven’t decided yet whether I’m for or against them – last year I didn’t make any, but this time I narrowed them down to 3. Oh, the magical number 3!
This year I aspire to:

1. Be kind. I’m going to do my best to cut out judgment. I don’t think that I’m this horrible person, a proper “mean girl”, but I’m not a saint either. Most of the time I can be judgmental without even realizing it. So I decided to start making an effort to deliberately stop myself from being too harsh on people – or their sartorial choices. A very appropriate quote I like to repeat to myself is: “Be kind because everybody you meet is fighting their own battles.” Closely related to this resolution is my decision to complain a little less. During the holidays I brushed my affair with twitter up and realized that people there are constantly whining about everything! Do I really need all this negative energy in my life? No, and neither do you.

2. Work more focused. The first half of 2015 is going to be extremely busy since I’m having exams until mid-February, then I’ll have to finish a couple projects and a term paper, and I also aspire to hand in my thesis paper before May 1st. As a result I need to work hard and use my time efficiently. I think cutting back on social media time, will allow me more time to work on my thesis and to brainstorm about the blog. I might not be posting as often, but I have great plans on my mind for the upcoming months. 😉
3. Stay in touch. Over the years I’ve noticed that it’s sometimes very easy from me to lose touch with current affairs and news from all over the world because of my hectic university schedule. Or, since I’ve moved in Germany, to focus on the German and international affairs instead of reading up on everything that is going on back home, in Greece. So, in 2015 I vow to read/ watch the news more often and stop ignoring all the Der Spiegel App notifications that pop up every now and then on my smartphone.
Last but not least, I’d like to add not a resolution, but a technical skill I hope to develop further within 2015: figuring out my DSLR. Last year I bought a Nikon that I enjoyed using while traveling abroad or on vacation in Greece, yet I haven’t fully explored all its abilities.
Here’s to a very creative year full of magical moments and exploration! I’d love to hear your plans and aspirations/ resolutions for 2015!


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