The One About Kythera – Sunset in Avlemonas

Kythera (also transcribed Kythira) is a picturesque Greek island lying opposite the southeastern tip of Peloponnese, between the Greek mainland and Crete. Despite having fewer than 4,000 permanent residents, the small island is spangled with dozens of small villages, some consisting of only a handful of houses. After driving around the island for a couple days, there was a definite winner for me: Avlemonas. 

We arrived there shortly after sunset, which seems to be the ideal time of the day to visit Avlemonas if you tend to get snap-happy like me.

We wondered around the gulf that consists the heart of Avlemonas, with the few cafes and restaurants of the village packed tightly around it.

It had already started to get a bit chillier due to the strong northern winds but the bathers refused to abandon the clear, velvety waters.

Then we went a bit off the path and walked to the castle at the entrance of the gulf, also known as Kastelo, which is overlooking at the open sea.

Chasing the sun as it was disappearing behind the nearby hills.

A rare sense of uttermost serenity & bliss.

Exploring (as always),


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