The One About Kissing on First Dates

A friend of mine (who hopefully will not come after me in case she reads this post) recently went on a date with a guy. They met through mutual friends – Christmas holidays: connecting people. According to her assessment of the date, it went pretty well. Even though they were two relatively different people with regard to lifestyle and interests, they seemed to get along; no lengthy uncomfortable silences.


The date ended with a kiss. However, as she recounted later, the kiss felt a little … unintended. Not necessarily forced, but maybe like something that happened simply because it was supposed to happen.

As a result, I couldn’t help but wonder… Should all first dates end with/ involve a kiss?*

There is always the chance that two people have perceived the same date in entirely different ways, but could we preclude the possibility that both of them have felt that something was off? Could a great first kiss make up for a weird first date in a less-talking-more-doing way? Especially if we take into consideration how anxious anyone might feel on a first date?

What are your thoughts on this matter?

Perplexed (as always),


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*A first date could lead to much more than kissing but let’s keep things uncomplicated  and kid friendly here.

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4 thoughts on “The One About Kissing on First Dates

  1. Definitely doesn’t have to. Even if something is going on it might just not be a right timing… Timing is such a bitch, even if you really want something, if it’s not the right time then it just won’t be right at all.

    1. Or, on the other hand, the passage of time may prove you wrong in the end. You can never know; all you can do is take a leap of faith!

  2. I mean no one should feel pressured to do anything. But if you feel like you should end the date with a kiss and you don’t hate the person in front of you and you actually had a good time, why not? I mean it can get pretty awkward not kissing them and then maybe even having to explain why you don’t want to.
    and if it is just a kiss, then there is nothing much to lose. The first date kisses can be a short peck or even a nice normal kiss. I wouldn’t recommend making out if you didn’t want to kiss them in the first place because of high expectations afterwards, but just kiss for kisses’ sake. I mean the rejection of not wanting to kiss them might be an even deeper offense than just giving them a little kiss and later deciding, I don’t really want more from you, but it was a nice date and you are a nice person.

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