The London Diaries – Please, Don’t Rain On My Parade

To be honest… Big Ben wasn’t as big as I expected. How do they make it look so impressive in movies – there it looks practically huge!? Or as I said to my friend D. who was walking with me, “it must have been a man who called Big Ben ‘big'”.

Somewhere in Portobello Road. We went there on a Saturday morning and there was a chaotic yet truly sweet flea market going on. Portobello Road and Notting Hill in general has to be one of my favorite areas in London. No wonder why Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant found love there – note to self: watch the movie asap!

The sun shines, Londoners smile.

We found love, no ultimate happiness in the form of chocolate candy in the M&M’s House somewhere near Soho. Apart from M&M’s in every color you can possibly imagine, one can also personalize his/her candy by printing something (name, wish, declaration of love) on them.

The Market at Covent Market. If you ask me, no photo can do this place justice, you simply have to be there!

Let your inner denim-aholic run free in Camden’s open market! Because I have friends who will definitely appreciate this photo.

Posing in front of my dream home in Portobello Road. A cherry tree and a pink door? I want it now!

At Le Pain Quotidien. #nomnomnom

Time for tea and scones! The gentleman accompanying me had scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam, which were as addictively delicious as we were warned. I, on the other hand, ignored the wise advice we were given and went for the banana toffee tart pictured above that proved to be equally rewarding.

Flat whites. Expanding our knowledge about coffee.

50% of the photos I took in London could be considered porn. Food porn, to be exact. This photo was taken in Portobello Road open market, as well.

If you ever come across a Hummingbird Bakery in London, don’t hesitate, go straight in and try the red velvet cupcake. You can thank me later.

My list of all the things I wanted to do/ see/ eat in London. Don’t let this shot fool you, it was about three pages long.

Le me pretending that I’m not aware of the camera.

Yes, more street food. 

Aww, the pretty colorful houses in Notting Hill.

The occasional stylish passer-by.


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2 thoughts on “The London Diaries – Please, Don’t Rain On My Parade

  1. "Look right" how can you ever look wrong? 😉
    I love how you capture London in all its facets. Really that's what it is. Beautiful! I enjoy your London diaries so much. how long will you stay there?

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