The London Diaries – Can We Go Back, This Is The Moment

Ladies and gentlemen,  please welcome my last post about London! Since it’s the first day of spring, which happens to be the most magical of all seasons if you ask me, I’d like to start with the photos I took while in Cambridge – yep, I was there, too! Even though it wasn’t officially spring yet, the sunny weather and beautiful nature seemed to have a different opinion. 

A little too excited maybe?

The photos are a mix of shots taken in and around Trinity and St John’s College. Unfortunately we couldn’t get into King’s College, where you had to be a student or at least alumni to enter. Still, both of the aforementioned colleges as well as their surrounding were so picturesque – one feels like he/she is in Hogwarts!

And now back to London…

In front of the National Gallery. Considering we had spent the morning in Tate Modern, the National Gallery was a little disappinting. It has definitely a remarkable collections of works, but to be shamelessly honest I mostly enjoyed the rooms that were dedicated in the 19th and 20th century. I’m more modern art oriented I guess…

Channeling my inner Veruca Salt. This squirrel was way too cute to miss; I was taking photos of him from afar when he spotted me (?), run towards me and posed clutching the railing with a grace and poise only squirrels and Karlie Kloss have.

Tate Modern is definitely my favorite place in London. This photo was taken from the terrace of the exclusive members cafe.

The Palace of Westminster; in other words the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.


Spot the hilarious photobombing in this photo!
Hint: Look right. 😉

When happy hour rolls in… #midsummer_mules

This is what happens when tourists decide to pse with Mandela’s statue while I’m trying to take a photo of it! 

Always keen to help fellow tourists capturing their memories in London…
2 in 1: capturing Big Ben and the classic red double-decker London bus in one shot!
Oh, and me, too.

We probably spend 5 minutes at those traffic lights waiting for it to go green (and take a good shot)!

That’s a wrap!

Hope you enjoyed my impressions of London!


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4 thoughts on “The London Diaries – Can We Go Back, This Is The Moment

  1. :))) This post is so adorable! And such beautiful photos! (May I ask what camera do you use? )
    These Squirrels are pretty nosy and cheeky! Watch out they may have stolen your wallet by now :D:D no just kidding, but they eat a lot!

  2. Well, not it's my turn to blush! I'm using a Nikon D3200, but to be honest I'm still not entirely familiar with all its capabilities, and I edit them a little afterwards with a photo editor application from Google Chrome. 🙂

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