The Istanbul Diaries #2

Shine bright like a diamond embellished pendant lamp…
Yeah! More pottery, please!
Finally a tea worth spending money on.
The big question is: a)do I have to drink it myself to become more love-able, or b) I have to make someone else drink it in order to fall in love with me?

Half of my name written on bread!
Cats, cats everywhere! (Just like the simit stands.)
Inside the Süleymaniye Mosque…

…and outside.

The most fascinating thing about turkish tea in my opinion is the fact that it is served in these delicate glasses instead of tea cups (s. in the rest of the uiverse).
Also at the Süleymaniye Mosque.

Beautiful old house at Chalki (in Turkish Heybeliada), the second largest of the Princes’ Islands in the Sea of Marmara. Unfortunately many old houses in Chalki as well as in Prinkipos (or Büyükada) are abandoned, slowly falling apart.
Thank you (to my family) for this beautiful trip and thank you (to my wonderful readers and friends).
I hope you enjoyed Istanbul for my point of view!


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