The Istanbul Diaries #1

Spring in Istanbul. Learning to distinguish peach from almond trees.
The Tiled Kiosk Museum consists part of the Istanbul Archaelogical Museums.
I loved all tiles and pottery I saw there beyond description.
My brother and I. Love you, silly!
Taksim Square by day…
…and by night.
The wandering never comes to an end…
Yummy Simit on the go.
Getting lost in Istanbul is kind of my hobby.

This building’s name in Greek is the Great School of The Nation, yet Wikipedia says it is known as the Phanar Greek Orthodox College (Phanar is the Greek name of the Instabul area called Fener).
It might sound funny, but it reminds me of Hogwarts. Huge and imposing.
This has to be the Dolmabahçe Palace. Unless I’m terribly mistaken.

Lost track of all the universities we saw in Istanbul.
Wait for it, there is a song that describes this photo perfectly. Para-para-paradise…

At Hagia Sophia…
Hagia Sophia is a former Orthodox church, later a mosque and now a museum.
 In greek Hagia Sophia means Holly Wisdom.
All these little, beautiful details…
Bosporus. The view from the ship.
The Topkapi Palace, residence of the Ottoman sultans for more than 400 years.
If I had such a beautiful Garden I wouldn’t consider moving at all.
The occassional stranger that pops in most of my photos.

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