The Athens Diaries #1

Listening to the Kooks, Kaiser Chiefs and the Black Keys and typing faster than ever before–too much coffee maybe?

Back in Athens, the city on the top of my favorites list, yet this time I don’t know how to feel. There’s lot of excitement as well as disorientation. What should I do? My staycation in my home town hasto have a goal, a purpose. I spent my first days in Athens reading to German newspapers, catching up with old friends and wishing that the weather will eventually get better (I think the grey South Germany sky is following me everywhere).
Last night I went out with a very dear friend of mine, Stella (do you remember her? She’s the one who took these photos.), and was reminded of all the reasons that I love this city so much.

Firstly, the places. There are like thousands of places where you can have coffee, drinks, naughty desserts and exotic food, party or just hang around. You can hop from one place to another; go from one place to another within minutes. And when you find yourself in areas like Psirri or Gazi, it’s all so lively. It’s like the city itself is sending off vibes, telling “I’m vibrant, I’m alive!” There is always a place that matches your mood. Just ask yourself, how do I feel today? Do I feel loud and energetic? Or do I want something cozy, warm and friendly? Am I going out with friends or my other half? Or am I going out to flirt?

Now I mentioned flirting, allow me to introduce my second point. The people. Have I been away for too long or have Athenians become slightly more handsome? In the past few days I’ve been in a constant cultural shock; every single man in this city is dark and sporting that unshaved-almost-a-beard look I love. It’s like razors have not been introduced in this city yet. Sometimes even underage guys have beards, which if you ask me is utterly confusing, since they look so much older and mature. Let’s keep it simple gentlemen: only if you’re older than 18, no 20 you’re allowed not to shave.

However, I couldn’t help but notice that people here do not dance. They talk, laugh, stand, lean against walls, stare intensively at strangers (if stares could kill, we’d all be dead by now), but dancing is a big no no, especially among men. Why? I miss all the awkward/ smooth/ sexy/ insane moves I’ve gotten used to while partying in Germersheim.

Then it’s that feeling; that state of anonymity that I’ve missed so much while I lived in Germersheim. In Athens you can be anybody, nobody or even have multiple personalities at the same time if you wish (the last is considered a psychological condition that requires medical supervision, right?). Every time I go out in Athens, the following lyrics of Mika’s Grace Kelly song echo in my mind “I could be brown/ I could be blue/ I could be violet sky/ I could be hurtful/ I could be purple/ I could be anything you like.” Of course this time I’m playing the tourist card, because as S. mentioned it sounds more intriguing. I might not be Scandinavian blonde or wearing sandals with socks, but the appeal of the whole concept doesn’t fade so easily. In addition, I’m now excused to take as many photos as I please without feeling guilty or ridiculous, not knowing the way to anywhere and therefore obliged to ask cute passengers for directions.

More details about my Athenian adventures will be coming soon.


All photos are from Another K44 whom I think I saw last night outside 6 dogs. 

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