“Strong Is The New Pretty” – The Best Photo Series I’ve Seen In A While

Strong. Independent. Confident. Unbreakable. These are the first words that come to mind when I look at this photo series taken by Kate T. Parker, an Atlanta based photographer specializing in family & children’s portraiture. 

The idea behind these series is that “you don’t need to be pretty, perfect or compliant to be loved.”


An amazing celebration of the spirit and strength of young girls who fiercely go after what they want, ignoring gender stereotypes and socially dictated perceptions of beauty.

It’s all about embracing who you are; your adventurous, silly, fierce, stubborn, relentless, loud, tough yet kind, awesome, unique self.

Because, as MMA athlete Ronda Rousey would say, “strong is beautiful“. 



All photos are courtesy of Kate T. Parker Photography.

Her book, “Strong Is The New Pretty”, just came out – hurry up!

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