MCR Confidential: Federal Cafe & Bar




I’m a simple woman. I like handsome, dark-haired men and breakfast food.

And  Federal Cafe & Bar in Manchester’s Norther Quarter does the second one exquisitely.


Their recipe is simple: brilliant food, rich velvety coffee, a minimalistic and industrial yet cozy place and super friendly staff.



Granola, french toast, bagels, eggs benedict, omelettes… we were spoilt for choice.

We both opted for eggs benedict, but he had his with bacon and I with salmon (I’m going through a salmon-y period; if I see it listed in the menu, I’ll order it!).


When the dishes arrived we took a couple minutes to photograph them extensively for Instagram appreciate them visually.

Then we dived in without qualms.

And complete silence ensued. We didn’t need words, our eyes could say everything we felt. A moment so pure, so intense, so intimate… (Breakfast/brunch) heaven on earth!

Tender poached eggs and buttered spinach served on fresh, crispy sourdough toast and showered in hollandaise sauce – neither too much of it, not too little, only exactly as much as was needed. When our order arrived, the waitress brought to our table a condiment holder which remained completely ignored, since the flavors of the dish were perfectly balanced.



I’m a generally enthusiastic person, but I do not exaggerate until it is completely necessary. If you live in the Greater Manchester area – or are willing to travel for good food – please do visit Federal Cafe & Bar. They do not take reservations since they have a first come, first served policy, so in case you’re planning to go there on a weekend, hurry up! The early bird catches the worm crispy bacon, after all.

Upon leaving we asked for the playlist. The Mr. must have felt relieved since I spend the entire time crying out “I love this song”. The barrista told me that she used an app called Sonos and felt like listening to Dusty Springfield, so you get the idea…


Here’s their website and their Instagram account, just in case you need more photographic proof.

You can thank me later.


Lots of love,


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