Every Monday at least one photo of Mariano Di  Vaio or Ian Somerhalder pops up in my Instagram feed.

Not because I’m following them – eventually I got tired of tapping on Di Vaio’s abs and unfollowed him – but because it is #mancrushmonday.

Which, according to Urban Dictionary, means that you have to reveal who is your man crush. And it must be done on a Monday.

Well, I have a Top 5 when it comes to man crushes:

#1 – Mr. Darcy

Oh, sorry it’s Colin Firth.


#2 PS: I (will always) love you, Gerard. This is the Ugly Truth.


#3 Miles Teller.

Because as I was once told, I am the only person that could watch a movie with Zac Efron in it only to ignore him completely and choose to obsess over Miles instead – That Awkward Moment!

Oh, Two Night Stand is my go-to feel-good movie.


#4 John Krasinski

Seeing him going on lip sync battles like this and this one only makes me love him even more.


And here comes the latest addition to the list:

#5 Stephen Amell. But he’ll always be Oliver to me, though.


Do yourselves a favour and follow him on Instagram!

Who would be your #mancrushmonday?

Excited (as always),


FacebookInstagram and tumblr, now you know where to find me.

PS: Is there a day dedicated to #girlcrushes, as well? I’d love to do a post on that!

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