A Series of Notebooks to Make You Berry Happy

One of the things that I love about London is the countless opportunities one gets to meet genuinely creative people. Serendipitously. It was a sunny Sunday towards the end of May and I was hanging around Columbia Road with my friend Lili and a gigantic bunch of sunflowers, when a girl with a 100-megawatt smile and a camera approached me. “Are you a blogger?”, she asked.

“Yes, erm, why”, I hesitated.

“Could I take a photo of you holding one of the notebooks I’ve designed?”

And this is, in short, the story of how I met Jasmine. Besides being the designer of the byjasminerose line of bespoke notebooks, she’s also a walking ray of sunshine. She possesses a rare combination of drive, determination, kindness and contagious optimism which shows not only in her everyday interactions – both in person and on social networks – but in her work as well.

Being a notorious note-taker and list-maker, I couldn’t help but love the notebooks. However, what attracted me the most was the idea of seeking beauty and meaning in the bits and bobs of everyday life; an integral notion to the design of the byjasminerose notebooks as well! Here, I quiz Jasmine about her stationery line, finding inspiration and life in London.

How did you come up with the idea behind byjasminerose notebooks?

Living in a digital world we spend so much time on social media & creating content for the world to see. That is just the way things are now. But not a lot of people are doing things for their own purpose. So the aim is to encourage people to focus on something that is meaningful to them. To take the time to jot down their aspirations, achievements or personal notes. We’re forever documenting online, but I don’t think digital platforms should be our only form.

When designing, where do you draw inspiration from?

Inspiration is everywhere! I’m always seeking the beauty in everything. When I go about my day I’m always observing.  Questioning why are things they way they are. I will never understand how we are all here together going about our day on a blue dot. Life is strange but beautiful.

I absolutely love nature. Water droplets, shadows, light & reflections. Plants. The sky. I also love it when I see rainbows on the road. I’m not sure how it happens but I always point enthusiastically & shout – “it’s a rainbow!” It’s the closest I’ll ever feel to one! I love architecture too; travelling to new places I’m most excited about seeing all the different buildings.

At my desk I’ve got Pinterest on tab, which is such a great source for inspiration. All things design, photography, writing, positivity. I just keep scrolling… Fashion brands, social media, creatives, bloggers and other designers influence me too. Home & stationery brands are other sources as well as going into shops. I love seeing store interiors and aesthetics.

Plus, I gain a lot of inspiration from things that aren’t so visual. I really love listening to podcasts and feeling apart of a conversation. Pretty often the words from that will inspire me and I’ll say to myself ‘how can I create that feeling visually?’ I’m super into anything & everything that tells a story. That’s ultimately what our life is; the story we’re telling.


You’ve been living in London for quite a few years, just like many of the kateflaneur.com readers. How does this affect your life & creative process?

I actually grew up outside of London. I used to visit here to see theatre shows and do some shopping when I was younger. It felt like such a treat and I loved it. The more I came to see different attractions & explore I was always dreaming about when I’d next return. There is such buzz here that makes you feel apart of something. I love the diversity, it’s history and architecture. Living a city lifestyle.

I’ve always dreamed to live in London and to this day I still can’t believe I do. I think it’s a very self-expressive place as well – people are free to be who they want.  Living here has taught me a lot about myself. It was through self-discovery that I realised my beliefs and values, which has ultimately lead to what I design. What I create is an extension of who I am.


What can we expect next from byjasminerose?

Definitely more interviews with creatives on the blog. I’m very keen to include a variety of people with different interests so other people can relate. I think interviews are really insightful, there’s often something you can take away from what’s been shared.

In terms of designing, I have a very long list! I’m open to ideas though – I love hearing feedback and suggestions. My main focus is to spread the message & get people to live with more intention. I just don’t want anyone to live aimlessly – passions are cool.


Interested? You can shop the notebooks here and find out about my favourite one by reading my interview with Jasmine on the blog. Also on Instagram.

Hope you enjoyed this interview as much as I did!

Optimistic (as always),



Photos courtesy of Jasmine Rose and Alisha Dandy.

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