#instalove: Favorite Instagram Accounts

Instagram was love at first sight. To some extent, I even like it better that facebook, my all-time favorite social media network. Not a week passes by without me following a couple new accounts.
For more photos of me pretending to have a clue about things I can’t actually do (s. cooking), follow me on Instagram.

Here come the three Instagram accounts that caught my eye the week that passed:
@lilbunnysueroux: Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux is a cat who was born without her front legs – resembling slightly something between a cat, an bunny and a kangaroo, but she is not letting that stop her from being one the most adorable and funny pets online! A friend* introduced me to this delightful little creature a couple weeks ago and I’ve awwwww-ing and aaahhhh-ing non-stop ever since.


@alvarosolermusic: Alvaro Soler is singer and songwriter, whose song El Mismo Sol (if you haven’t listened to it yet, do it now!) is totally having a moment right now. Why follow him on Instagram, though? A) He splits his time between the two coolest European cities – Barcelona and Berlin, so you get a peek into the best of both worlds. B) He is really cute (in case you, just like me, like men with beards!) and a total foodie. C) His mom is a sushi chef! Can a girl ask for more?


@mylittleexpatkitchen: Magda, the blogger behind the My Little Expat Kitchen blog and Instagram account, is an Athens expat currently living in The Hague, Netherlands, and continuously posting photos of mouthwatering food. Most of it is traditional Greek cuisine, hence the hashtag #greekfood, yet it is not the stereotypical food one finds at the several restaurants and cafes of popular touristic destinations in Greece; it is the kind of food my mom or grandma would cook, making my mind wonder and my heart ache with nostalgia. Her photos make me think of endless summer, sun, a light breeze, lunch at the seaside accompanied by home wine, skin that is still cool and salty from swimming in the sea and cheeks slightly flushed from staying in the sun too long.




Hugs and kisses,
FacebookInstagram and tumblr, now you know where to find me!
*Let’s say that 50% of our Messenger communication involves us sending 9gag memes with cats to each other.


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