How to Navigate Freshmen Welcome Parties

Booking a flight so as to arrive on time for the freshmen welcome party two months before the actual party requires some serious planning skills (CV material) and reveals an unquenchable thirst for partying. Living in such a small city, where most of the important university events take place on campus, has taught me that no chance to celebrate shall be wasted. That’s why I made sure I was not going to miss this year’s freshmen welcome party. After all, it is the last one I am going to attend and … who is going to welcome these freshmen, if not us?

As a result, I decided to compile a list of tips that will help you navigate the party in case you are an oldie, but goodie, like me:

1.     Arrive late. By your second or third semester you would have probably figured out the time parties kick in, when the dj is playing the catchiest mainstream hits or some all-time classic everybody hates that they know by heart (aka. secretly love), most people have plucked up the courage to hit the dance floor, and the girls’ lipsticks are only slightly smudged, leaving colorful evidence of alcohol consumption on plastic cup rims. Arriving at a party at the actual starting time may feel a little awkward, since no one but the organizers/bartenders/dj/wardrobe people are there, the music can be a little un-dance-able, and everybody is toosober, scanning everyone who arrives from head to toe. Spare yourself the awkwardness and take a little extra time to get ready!
2.     Look relieved when you see a familiar face in the crowd. Freshmen welcome parties can be so confusing; all these new people! Where did my friends and acquaintances go?
3.     They are either doing an Erasmus semester abroad or have graduated or they think they can afford to miss the party. So go on – dance like nobody’s watching! Okay, this is pretty much my #1 rule for all parties, but I am the girl who thinks she can bust out moves like this AND this and get away with it.
4.     If it is a thematic party, look the part. If you had said to my freshman self that she has to meet new people following this year’s dress code – bad taste – she would have openly rejected the idea. Honey, just a hint from your 21-year-old self: No matter how hard you try, German students always do it better when it comes to bad taste outfits. They just are more creative. But this year there were no impressions to be made; it was all about dressing up just for fun! Picture all the boring parties you will have to attend later as a properly dressed adult, stoically waiting for Halloween to dust of your costume-y outfits!
5.     Do a little people-watching. Just to make sure that your class actually consisted of the best freshmen this university has ever seen!

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