Hello 2019!

As we take our first steps into the New Year, a few words:



First of all, I wish health to you and your loved ones;
it’s the stepping stone for everything else.

Success but in the way you define it.
Not what society suggests it should look like.

Finding joy even in the smallest things and moments.

In a world that moves in frantic rhythms, time.
To spend with your family and friends.
To spend doing things you love, may that be work or a hobby.
To spend doing things that matter, may that be marching for a cause you believe in or volunteering.
To spend close to nature.
To spend doing nothing – that’s important too.

Understanding and respect for anything that might seem different to you.
May that be a different culture, religion, sexual orientation, lifestyle, and so on.

Love because it’s the only thing that you give that multiplies.
I hope you are loved beyond your wildest expectations
and that you find people worthy of your love, too.
If they are already in your life, make sure to remind them as often as you can.

I wish you to take advantage of all the choices available to yourself, to make the best of them or, if you’re not happy with them, to create new ones for yourself and the people around you.

To choose gratefulness, not because things could be worse, but because things are good enough.
Do strive for more but acknowledge what you already have.

This year may you choose to worry about the things that really matter
– health, family, career choices, world peace, you set your priorities.
[Life is short, if they don’t text you someone else will.]

Money, because even if it doesn’t make you happy, it does make life easier and enables you to do the things you love. Like buy ice cream or go on vacation.

Courage to pursue your goals, make impactful decisions, raise your voice, try new things for the first time.

Books because they are a uniquely portable magic.

Explorations, from your neighbourhood to a foreign country at the other side of the world.

Feminism, because we can smash the patriarchy and avo on toast.

I wish you find your tribe and cherish them this year.
Most of the time, it’s not a country, a city or a house that we call home.
It’s a group of people; people who accept us, understand us, empower us, challenge us, nurture us, run along with us (no pun intended), push us, inspire us. They celebrate our successes but also ask the most difficult questions. May you find tem, may you be them.

Happy 2019!

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