Flâneur à Baba Au Rum

I’m a proud member of the “We Hate 9 Out of Our 10 Photos” Women Club. I’m not photogenic and for every personal photo you see on my blog there are at least 5 photos I rejected in my camera. However, a couple nights ago I went out with my dear friend Stella, who is also a blogger and a marvelous photographer. We were having cocktails at Baba Au Rum (specific details at the end of the post), when she took out her camera and said “I’m going to take some photos of you”. And zapity-zapity-zap, she photographed me with true paparazzi quality.

Yesterday she sent me some photos and left me gazing in awe at them –I guess I’m a bit narcissistic, right? Anyway, I loved all the photos, but not because I looked necessarily good in them. It was because she somehow captured perfectly the cosiness of the place, my serene and lighthearted mood at that moment.
Man, you got me! I’m kind of a redhead now.
This was my first drink; I swear.
It was a pineapple cocktail, I couldn’t help it!
My left eye absents itself from the photo.
Baba Au Rum is a little, cosy cocktail bar at Kleitiou St. (can’t recall the number –sorry!) at the centre of Athens. The Athenian nights are still warm, so you can sit outside if you wish; it is located at a pedestrian zone and it’s all peace and quiet. We didn’t manage to find a table out, so we sat inside the bar, which was very nicely decorated. The catalog looks like an old pocket book, but when you open it you realize there are dozens of familiar as well as unheard-of cocktails; deciding what we were going to have was an arduous task. We opted for St. Clementine’s and Sox’s Daiquiri Au Baba, which turned to be quite tasty, if not exciting! Baba Au Rum is a little pricier than regular bars in Athens, yet it’s totally worth it. The environment is so warm and inviting, the staff polite and friendly, there’s nice music in the background and a “4 Cocktails You Have To Try Before You Die” list in the catalog, hence I’m planning my next visit!


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