Discovering London: This Week’s Favorites

Living in London presents one with an abundance of opportunities. Here are this week’s suggestions so that you know where to begin.

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Conveniently located between the Oxford Circus and Tottenham Court Road stations, Kaffeine offers espresso of outstanding quality, friendly service and mouth-watering baked goods.

Daunt Books

What’s better than a book store? An independent book store that specialises in books for travellers, bringing the entire world to your doorstep bookshelf. You can find Daunt Books in several locations around London, including Hampstead, Chelsea, Holland Park and Marylebone. I visited the last one and fell in love with its atmospheric design: The front of the store feels like an old-school book store despite displaying a curated selection of the most sought-after best sellers, whereas the main space at the back of the store looks like a library. 

Monocle Café

A stone’s throw away from Daunt Books is the Monocle Café: Location? Ideal. Capacity? Could do better. Armed with all your new purchases, head over to this minimal yet cozy café to enjoy a luscious, velvety, high-quality cappuccino, Swedish pastries and colourful lunches. It is a great space to pick up the latest Monocle issue, a thoroughly researched magazine that focuses on business, design, fashion and traveling, get some work done or – weather permitting – sit outside and people-watch.

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  1. Hey I mean you probably have done already your exploring, but maybe check out you can search London and then it shows you all kind of little weird things the city has to offer that everybody normally walks by without giving it second thought 🙂

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