Book Review: The Royal We


Author: Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan


Sporty, carefree American college exchange Rebecca, aka Bex, lands in Oxford, UK, living across the hall from the royal heir, aka Nick. Even though they start out as pals, they cannot help falling in love with each other (surprise, surprise) whilst bonding over trashy TV and Twinkies,  but decide to keep their romance a secret from the royal family and the hungry – almost carnivore – public eye. 

Nevertheless, despite their considerable efforts, the cat is eventually forced out of the bag when the paparazzi catches them during an intimate moment. Then mayhem ensues.

Going from aspiring, starving artist to tabloid headlines overnight brings Bex’s life upside down. Her relationships with her family and friends suffer, her fashion choices are criticised down to her visible panty lines and the romance between Nick and her starts to fade away under the light of the camera flashes… Will she manage to cope with all the publicity? And if yes, will her relationship with Nick survive unscathed?


I don’t want to spoil the ending but there’s going to be a happy ever after. This is a ‘love conquers all’ story. (You can feel it just by picking the books off the bookshelf – or Amazon Kindle for the less romantic, more practical ones among you.) Cocks and Morgan’s prose is easy to read, meticulously curated and very enjoyable. The plot contains a few slightly expected twists – they break up, they get back together, yadda yadda yadda – but, to be honest, this book will get you hooked. This coming from a person who almost missed her stop whilst reading on the tube.

Buy it, skip it, gift it?

Buy it if you’re going on vacation somewhere nice and sunny and need a good, light-hearted read to keep you company on the beach – if it’s Greece please note that I’m jealous.

Gift it to your mom/cousin/best friend who watched the entire royal wedding ceremony and can also tell you exactly how many months old royal baby #2 is.

If you are reading or have read The Royal We, please let me know what you think!

Reading (as always),


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