14 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in London

Did I ever mention that I love Valentine’s Day? That I’ve been almost bullying my colleagues with my anticipation and enthusiasm since the first Valentine’s-Day-themed window shop decorations popped up around central London? Well, I do. This is why I put together a list of ideas in case you were wondering what to do on Valentine’s Day.


  1. Treat yourself to the best hot chocolate in town at Said, Soho. Thick and indulgent, this hot chocolate is like a hug in a mug. Try the dark chocolate and sea salt combination, it’s my favourite.

  2. Give someone the Valentine’s Day card you made with your own hands at Drink, Shop, Do (near King’s Cross) at their Inappropriate Valentine’s Card Making session on 12th
  3. Bring your La La Land fantasies to life in Greenwich’s Royal Observatory.
  4. Take a walk along Little Venice and stop at the Waterside Cafe for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.
  5. Elevate your cinema experience at Electric Cinema in Notting Hill.
  6. Take the shortest way to Paris with a dinner at Andrew Edmunds – who needs Eurostar anyways?

  7. Head to the Museum of Brands, Marketing & Advertising to discover the brands, packaging and advertising campaigns that have kept romance alive throughout the years.
  8. Attend a night of Arabic Poetry on Love and Lust at the Queen of Hoxton.
  9. Take in the breadth of the city from the viewing level at Switch House, Tate Modern – is there anything more romantic than the London skyline?
  10. Send flowers to a friend who’s single. Preferably at work; it will be thoughtful and embarrassing for them at the same time.
  11. Grab cocktails at Nightjar – a dark, speakeasy-like bar with strong prohibition vibes and occasional jazz events.
  12. Watch an old-school romantic movie like High Fidelity (timeless), You’ve Got Mail (the golden era of Meg Ryan), Serendipity (ok, I might have a thing for John Cusack after all), Amelie (for an international touch), Before Sunset (intelligently adult), 10 Things About You (for that Heath Ledger serenade) or Silver Linings Playbook (newish but wannabe classic).
  13. Host a big singles soiree – make sure to have plenty of wine, cheese and red velvet cake at hand. Do treat it as an opportunity to gather your nearest and dearest, and have a nice time away from the crowded restaurants and bars across town, not as an excuse to moan for the questionable (?) state of your love lives.
  14. Don’t call you ex.

Hopeless romantic (as always),




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