You’re On My Heart Just Like A Tattoo

 I really love tattoos -who doesn’t?- but since I’m too much of a crying baby to actually get myself inked, all I can do is enjoy the beautiful photos posted by Tattoologist.
Hakuna Matata: A tattoo that reminds me of my favorite movie as child! Did you too cry when Mufasa died?

Whatever will be, will be…

Another song related tattoo…in the most unexpected place!

Beautiful song,beautiful tat…

Love (is all you need)…

… here’s more love! Generally, I find hand tattoos incredibly charming…they are always to be seen but also somehow hidden… 

Paris, je t’ aime.
(Only for 100% Paris addicts.)

Yep, I know all the tattoos I like are tiny and are mostly constituted by words but they are so cute! Who can blame me?
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