Wishful Thinking {Or The Christmas List Part I}

Are you a student? No? Yes? Well, I do. And I happen to study quite far away from my home town (not that this makes me homesick at all- I’m too busy having fun and ermm…studying!), so I’m very very excited about my going back home -Athens- where my beloved family, friends and old haunts are. Since there are so many things I want to do and so little time available (10 days or so) I made a list of all the things I want to do/see/eat/visit. This is the first part of my list:

  • Go shopping…with my brother! He’s like really tall and lean, and looks good in everything he tries on, so I have so much fun picking out stuff fro him. He’s also very good and most importantly sincere when I’m the one trying on clothes; sincere yet kind.
  • Visit my favorite coffee shops, such as Pure Bliss, Costa Coffee and feather.

  • Get a haircut. Seriously. So that my hair will someday look as shiny and healthy as that girl’s —————->

  • Have cake at Cake. What else can one order at tiny patisserie-cafe called Cake?

  • Go to Fuego. It’s my favorite latin groove club  and I always have so much fun when I go there.

  • Take many many many photos. And then print them, so I can use them to decorate my house; look at them every day; remember the beautiful moments I spent in Athens and -most importantly- all the wonderful people I haven’t seen for a long long time and missed sooooo much!
  • Have unusual sophisticated coctails. The most complicated mix you can order where I live now is vodka+lemon juice (Ok, I’m kidding – but in Athens drinking is so much different. When I go out there it’s mostly about what you drink rather how much you drink.)

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