Why I Ditched Twitter

Last week I quitted Twitter.

(photo via Camille Styles)

Here’s why:
1.    It was a time consuming. As I mentioned in my last post, I need to be more focused when studying, so logging on and off every now and then messed my concentration. Moreover, even though I always said to myself “it will only be two minutes”, I ended spending surprisingly more time than expected online. Therefore, consider my quitting Twitter as a part of my staying faithful to my 2015 resolutions.

2.    Too much negativity. Sometimes I felt like 95% of my timeline consisted solely of people making a fuss about politics, their love and sex life,   waistline, late trains and buses, weather, sports, bad TV and advertisements, etc. I wanted to hug all these people, cuddle them and say: “Nobody’s life is perfect, but please stop making a fuss about yours! How can anything good happen to you, when your attitude towards the world is so negative?”

3.    I couldn’t relate with anyone.People on Twitter seemed either very pessimistic or more optimistic than a unicorn running on an endless green field with a rainbow in the background.  In addition, I realized that I don’t drink excessively, stay up late, eat fast food, think/ text/ call my exes when drunk, or wonder about the futility of life in my spare time. Last but not least, I’m not keen on discussing my love preferences or politic views on social media, which is what most users do to gain attention. I guess I was a really boring person to follow.

4.    I like other social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, much better. They are more visual and allow more creativity. 140 characters? Really? I talk too much – if you let me – and run a blog, which should tell you a thing or two about how not keen I might be when it comes to word restrictions. I hadn’t been using my Twitter account that often in the last two years, but I kept it open because I persuaded myself that it would be a good way to promote this blog and reach out to new readers. Every time a new post would go online, the link would be automatically distributed there thanks to a divine application whose name escapes me, but I would (almost) never post something else, which, in the world of Twitter, is the equivalent of being in a coma.

What are your thoughts on Twitter? Do you have an account? If yes, do you use it and how often? I know my approach is very “all or nothing”, but have you ever experienced the need to do something similar? More and more articles about social media or internet detoxing appear on the web, so I’m really interested in this subject and your thoughts on it. I’d love to hear from you!



PS: Facebook anyone? 
PS2: Also on Instagram! And tumblr.

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  1. Bold move haha 😀 Well at least in the age of social media. I guess I could not really relate to instagram… I just feel there are too many images of food… But everyone has to choose their own media and know how to deal with them. So I'm proud of you 🙂

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