What’s the Fuss with Eyebrows?

What do you do whe you want to feel pretty? Pamper yourself a little?

A manicure maybe? A new hair do? A floral dress? Or simply a touch of the boldest, reddest lipstick you own?

I’ll tell you what I do, even it might sound funny.

I get my eyebrows done.

Yes, you’ve heard right.

It has been a long hate-and-love relationship between us.

How does something we only see in the mirror cause so much trouble?

When I was in high school I had wild, bushy, thick brows – not the Cara Delevigne kind, hers are too neatly trimmed, but you get the picture right? 

Thus, I received lots of unwanted attention from teenage boys, who, since they were too young to be aware of the true possibilities strong eyebrows can bear, made fun of me.

As a result, the first time I was allowed to use a tweezer (till that time I had only been able to worship my mom’s from afar, but not to touch them), I went bananas and almost plucked them off my face, causing despair to at least three beauticians as well as my mum’s hairdresser. She cuts my hair since I was 12, something that didn’t always work out so well, but she has been right about two things: never tweeze your eyebrows too thin and never NEVER color your hair. I’ve done them both and went back to her crying, but she’s too nice to say “well, I told you not to”.

After that it took them a lot of time to get back to their initial state. Apparently hair grows quickly only in places you don’t want it to grow back quickly, it has to be the equivalent of Murphy’s Law for bikini hair. I’ve been under the tweezers of multiple beauticians who thought they knew what they were doing. Well, they didn’t.

Until I found the One. She doesn’t improvise with my precious eyebrows; always gets them right, sometimes without me giving her any kind of directions. She just knows what suits my face and bone structure, so she plucks them and then gives me advice on how to maintain them (ok, to be honest the maintenance stage lasts up to more or less two months. After that I usually crawl back to her, whining, yet with eyes full of hopes and expectation.)

And when I leave her place I feel pretty. #it’s_alarming_how_charming_I_feel

I smile at strangers, stare at my reflection every time I have the chance and swirl instead of walking.

I secretly enjoy compliments about my brows more than my eyes or hair. 

Eyebrows are also one of the first features I tend to notice on other people. They frame the eyes as well as the rest of the face.

They might even have their own personality! Someone told me mine are the most expressive feature on my face. “While the rest of your face remains the same, you move your eyebrows and your entire expression changes; they make you look happy, sad or pissed off!”

Now I’m done with the tribute on my eyebrows, I’d like to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Thin or thick eyebrows? Eyebrow pencil, anyone? What about tattooed brows?


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  1. I have no idea about my eyebrows… I think they're not perfect (but a little better than they were in school…) They're still a little thicker than some might consider pretty, but I think it gives me character. The thing is that I love to raise my eyebrows in disbelief or just pull one eyebrow up and make funny faces. I never really got the whole business around the eyebrow. I mean a little trimming is good, to make it look well-groomed, but all the other things: like shaving your eyebrows to paint new ones on? Really? Does anyone really think that looks good?
    I mean if you have very light eyebrows anyway and you help yourself with a little eyebrow pencil, just go ahead. I fully understand, but why do the people always want to lose all naturally given things and alter them to something artificial like tattooed eyebrows? (They're so much cooler tattoos you can get^^ *coff*trampstamp is not one of them*coff*)

  2. Hahahaha I love the "but a little better than they were in school" – been there, done that. There is kind of a joke out there about a woman who draws her eyebrows, if she gets furious does she run to the bathroom to re-do them? I don't think anybody looks good with tattooed eyebrows, but there still people out there doing that – just like the tramp stamp! It doesn't make any sense. The only thing worse I guess is men who pluck their eyebrows, like seriously shaping them just like woman do! 😛

  3. God do I get you guuuuurl ! I think I have some kind of an eyebrows-fetish, I have been plucking my and my friend's eyebrows since I've been conscious of their beauty-potential and keep staring at other's eyebrows when they are to thin or to thick or just really wrong shaped and have to fight the urge to do their eyebrows as well ( I guess "hey I'd like to pluck your eyebrows" isn't just the best way to get know someone – and I think it's a shame ) I just don't ever feel as pretty as when I just plucked my eyebrows even when I don't wear any makeup.
    By the way I'm totally against tattooed eyebrows as well as eyebrow-pencils just use any eyeshadow a tad lighter than your hair color.

  4. But why? "I'd like to pluck your eyebrows" sounds like such an awesome ice-breaker. Do you have the same thoughts about guys' eyebrows? There is a guy on campus who plucks his more than I do.
    PS: You can tell me your views on mine and I'll teach you your favorite new expression in Greek, deal? 🙂

  5. I like the message delivered by your post. It's okay to pursue activities that improve physical beauty, if that's what will make a person feel better about themselves. In your case, its eyebrows and I've seen my fair share of eyebrow problems, with my friends and the people I meet. Too thin, too thick, too little hair and too bushy are just some of the complaints I've heard. I've suggested that they should get a permanent makeup fix, like a tattoo or brow embroidery and it really did them some good. Anyway, thank you for sharing this thought-provoking brow post of yours!

    Amanda Mazzocchi@ Good Look Ink

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