Watch your step! I’m number 1B

Although I’m a neat ‘n clean freak, this space looks greatly appealing to me.

Hopelessly in love with pink roses.

Cuffed boyfriend jeans and sensitive heels (let alone the eye catching red pedicure) = instant like!

I pick out coffee shops according to the appearance of my cappuccino.
Am I the only one? 😀

He wrote Matilda.
He has to be right.

To be honest…I don’t particularly like this perfume.
But if it came out in this hot pink shade I would probably re-think it!
Pure elegance.
(Note to self: Wear lipstick more often.)

This color. It really gives a regal touch to her outfit.

That’s what I keep telling myself…

Can the appealing house in the first photo look like that on the outside?


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