This Ain’t Nothin But A Summer Jam

The following is one of my favorite songs for this summer.Awkwardly translated.
Because this summer is going to bring me everything you can’t give/
This summer surely knows that your love is not enough/
This summer has already succeed to take me away from you/
So as to find a tramp love/
That smells like tequila/
And has a home up in the sky….
Probably the messiest song translation that have ever existed?
In such a good mood that I couldn’t care less….
….because I have great news.
They start with vaca-
and end in -tion!!
Here is actually where all my -good yet problems- problems start….
I am legend the official over-packer of all times??
So, I came up with a list of the bare essentials*:
1.The swimsuit :
Because I’m going somewhere with a lot of SEA and SUN.
If you do too don’t forget sunscreen.
If you do jump in the sea while on board and swim back home to get it.I mean now.
2.A pair of ,well, shorts:
Like you needed me to tell you…
3.The sundress:
4.The sunglasses:
5.The white tee:
(I would probably pack the skirt with me as well…)
6.The -preferably- straw fedora:
What is a vacation  without proper head attire??
(Actually I’m not quite sure whether the hat in this photo is actually a fedora….but I like the photo way too much!)
7.A piece of evening wear:
This part of packing for a vacation on an island always confuses me.
We ceratinly need something
b)Yet glamorous
c)And boho at the same time
Any ideas??
*Like that’s going to save me.
(photos via Little Plastic Horses, Song Of Style, Style Caster, Stockholm Streetstyle and because i’m addicted)
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