The X-Factor

(As you’ve probably already noticed the past few weeks the issues I’ve been discussing in this blog have been less fashion and more human realtionships related.Do not worry,it’s not caused by the lack of caffeine in my immune system nor by my losing faith in the power of fashion.Indeed.I’ve been keeping track of nearly all the fashion news and I’m exhaustingly excited by the SS 12 collections that were presented during the last month.)

Now back to writing reality.

He passes by and sits a couple rows away from where I’m seated. Lower jaw drops and I remain speechless. He’s tall,lean,handsome and nicely dressed. And he has a cute name,as well. And a sexy voice. And -did I forgot to mention?- he’s the only worth looking at boy in a room full of students where the ratio of men to women is 1 to 10.

If we were playing in a Grey’s Anatomy episode he’ll probably be McDreamy. And if we were staring in the Twilight Saga I’d say that he is simply “mouthwatering”.

Naturally shy as I always am, I prefer admiring him from apart than going up to him and making small talk.I was never good at small talk anyway.

But one day -kaboom!- we finally meet and I introduce myself to him. And there is chatting -not small talk people.

But suddenly something happens and my pink bubbles pop! I’m falling from cloud nine,packing my bags and leaving seventh heaven,losing interest.

He does not like dancing.He does not dance.

And now he’s officially off my list.

I know that judging by what I have just said you probably picture me like Katherine Heigl in the movie “The Ugly Truth” *, running around with a list of criteria that need to be ticked off in order to find a boyfriend. Warning: I’m not like that.

I just have a soft spot for dancers,no, guys that dance.And I tend to believe that everybody -girls and boys- count some characteristics as more attractive than others. To give an example,many of my friends go head over heels for musicians. Or Scandinavian people. Or people with curly hair and green eyes. Or people that watch “Two And A Half Men” -the pro Ashton Kutcher period.

So,for once I’m not compromising.

What’s your soft spot?What attracts you and what sends you away picking daisies?


*PS:Gerard,I love you.

PS:Lesson learned this week?Cute and well-dressed does not mean interesting and likeable.

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