The One About Crying

“Crying is a sign of weakness.”
“Death is the only thing worth crying about.”
Do these statements sound familiar to you?
Source: Witchoria.

Well, I couldn’t relate less even if I tried.
On the contrary, I am some sort of crying… advocate.
I have cried my heart out many times in the past. In primary school I cried because some boys made fun of me. As I was preparing for my final exams in high school I cried because I was stressed and suffering from insomnia. When I first came to Germany sometimes I cried because I felt helpless with the language.
I’ve also shed tears of joy and mourned for the loss of loved ones.
And sometimes I might even cry because I’m emotionally overwhelmed or confused. Or disoriented. Or worried about the future.
Crying allows me to let some steam off.
Just as the other two sorts of salted water:
At the same time, I have gone through break-ups – whether with men or friends – or I have been criticized fiercely (in public) and haven’t blinked twice. I also watched Titanicand The Notebook and I didn’t felt the urge to cry.
What I’m trying to say is that, it’s perfectly okay to cry. Can we stop feeling ashamed for doing so? Can we stop demonizing it? If we weren’t meant for crying what’s the point of having lacrimal glands, right? There is no right time or right place. No appropriateissue about which you shall or shall not cry. Everybody cries about different things, which reflect their values, priorities and concerns. If we don’t have the same interests, likes, problems or goals, if we don’t laugh at the same things, why should crying be the exception? And no restrictions when it comes to age or sex – enough with the “men don’t cry” nonsense.
What are your thoughts on crying?


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