The 4 Love Resolutions

So here we are, kicking off 2012 with four love resolutions. Or should I put it like this: With four things 2011 taught me about relationships that I’m willing to keep in my mind throughout 2012.

  1. Honesty is the best policy. Do not be afraid to speak your mind whether in a relationship or not. If you are still a hot single know that 100% of ordinary men -unlike superheroes- are incapable of reading (let alone deciphering) women’s minds. Maybe you are into a friend whom you know since kindergarten, or you just think that the guy standing across you in the bar is handsome, so let them know! The Secret teaches us that if you think of something a lot it will actually happen, but…really? You have to take some action in order for things to happen the way you want them! On the other hand, if you already have a boyfriend, give him an idea of what’s going on in your head. When something’s not OK, saying fine won’t work. Sharing ideas and feelings will deepen your relationship and make communication between you more honest and meaningful.
  2. Keep it to thyself. No, I don’t recant our first resolution, it’s only a mental note that happens to be a result of personal experience: Not everybody you know needs to know all the details of your personal life. A problematic relationship? A guy you don’t know how to handle? Describe the situation to a close and trusted friend of yours whose opinion and advice you value and see what he/she thinks. To give an negative example, a girl I know used to constantly moan about how her boyfriend wouldn’t satiate all her sex desires. Well… I definitely didn’t need to know that! Now every time he waves at me on the street he reminds me of that….Ouch! :/
  3. Every girl deserves a troubled, highly emotional ,dramatic (the list of adjectives could go on and on for miles) relationship. This is a piece of advice my mum gave me. You might think: What kind of advice is that? What kind of mum is that? Well, let me provide you with some explanatory evidence. In short, every girl should have her heart broken once so as to mature emotionally and lean how to recognise fraud relationships and unworthy guys from miles apart in the future. If she is clever enough, she would propably stay away from them, as well. Remember, the first time it is a mistake, the second a choice.
  4. Do not settle for less. A friend of mine was playing matchmaker, trying to get a particular guy interested in well,….moi. After listening to how great I am about a thousand times, the aforementioned guy actually popped the question “If she is so great, then why is she still single?”, only to be faced with the following answer (which makes me really really thankful): “Because she doesn’t mingle with every single a*****e she comes across.” Knowing first hand -and not being afraid to admit it- how terrifying being single can sometimes be I have to tell you: Don’t fall for the first guy who will show interest in you. Finding a boyfriend is like shopping for the perfect LBD, you are not going to buy the very first you try on, are you? On the other hand, in case you are already dating or in a realtionship don’t be afraid to leave. He might have seemed like prince charming at first -and behaved like one, but if your feelings have changed get set…ready…go!

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