Spring Fashion Inspiration: The Bold and the Beautiful (Floral Prints)

If my style was a person, it would be a terribly volatile one. If it was an animal, it would be one that hibernates. 
Why would I say this? 
Simply because it relies heavily on the seasons. I spend the entire winter wearing total black looks (occasionally spicing them up with bits of navy blue and grey), therefore, by the time spring arrives, I am totally sick and tired of black and all I can think about is florals, bright colors and skater dresses.

This time I’ve even created a board on Pinterest (click here) to keep me inspired and I’ve selected a few of my favorite looks I’d like to show you on the blog, hoping they’ll inspire you, too! 
I’ve noticed that I always gravitate towards similar outfits, so I organised them accordingly.
Voluminous midi skirts. The bigger, the better.



Bold colors.


Florals. Obviously.


All kinds of odd prints and patterns.






What do you think?
Is it time to kiss the winter blues (and blacks and greys) goodbye?
Hugs and kisses,
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  1. Fashion always takes the same route. In Winter the style gets darker and leathery, in Spring colourful and floral, in Summer it gets neon (or bright colours in general) and a airy look and in Autumn they bring out the earthly and berry colours. There is nothing wrong with that, it's just no surprise to me…
    But I really like your style and the way you combine things. I just wish we wouldn't live the a post modern world where everything has already been there a few generations before us… (especially fashion wise)

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