So What? 5 Reasons To Love Your “Single” Status

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s already the middle of spring –unless you live in a country like the one I’m heading towards at the end of the week (let me help you: it won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2010.), where the Ice Age is still  going on strong.
Now, where was I? Ah, spring… the most beautiful season of the year. Flowers bloom, birds are singing, couples walk in the streets holding hands… Wait, couples? I almost forgot. Spring is the official season of mating and lovemaking at its most romantic approach.

Where did all these couples come from?
But you’re single. Not by choice, but because your Prince Charming has (probably) been shipwrecked and stranded in an isolated beach in Malaysia, senseless, dehydrated and without a passport. In addition, it seems like all your friends are coupled up, gazing at the possibility their own happy ever after. And it’s not only your friends. Happy couples start to pop up everywhere, kissing, looking in each other’s eyes and giggling.
Totally getting on your nerves.

I know. Spring is the ultimate reminder that life as a single could suck. I used the word “could”, which indicates possibility, as I’ve prepared a list of why being single rocks! Are you ready?
1.      You don’t have to shave/ wax all the time. When I say all the time I imply that incredibly laborious task of maintaining that baby smooth kind of skin 24/7. Attention! In no case am I suggesting saying goodbye once and for all to your razor and shaving gel and developing any kind of similarity to a bear–there is plenty of floral dresses out there that need to be worn, ladies. However, a little, hmm, laziness never hurt anyone.
2.      You actually have much more free time in your nicely manicured hands. Time to take up Italian lessons, yoga and Pilates classes, volunteer, bake banana muffins and spoil yourself with the aforementioned manicure. Time to spend with your family and friends. Yes, you might still hate couples, but you can show some greatness. Moreover, they’re going to ask for your opinion or advice at some point, right?

3.      You are 100% free to wear whatever you like. Let’s be honest, dating can make your fashion choices a little more safe, more boy-taste friendly (they love us in jeans and a white tee, we get it!). It’s the time to experiment, be bold, be crazy. So go on, wear the long skirt, the fierce hat, the oversized bag, the printed leggings, the color blocking outfit. Or that pair of fuchsia pink pajamas that you’ve tossed at the back of your closet full of shame. I’d also like to add that you’re lucky enough to avoid the boyfriend makeover: he wants you to dress less sexy (he’s jealous!), he prefers you hair that way, he likes that pair of shoes more than the other.

4.      You are free to flirt. 100% guilt-free! Now it’s the best time to socialize, get to know new people or cultivate old relationships.
5.      You are more carefree. Will he call? Where is he now? Could he be flirting with another girl? Does he like me as much as I do? We’ve been dating for three weeks only and it’s his birthday, what should I get him? Does he like pepperoni on his pizza? These and many more questions torturing countless generations of women but guess what! Not you! Just think of all the anniversaries, birthdays, sibling names, favorite series and foods he’d rather see his favorite team losing that eat you don’t have to remember. Your mind will be free to wander and let’s face it: sometimes you can’t concentrate on more than that cute bearded brunette guy sitting across from you on the way to work.


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