Picture Overload

Way too many photos, I’m totally aware of it! But I couldn’t help it! They are all so ah-mazing. And there are more coming!

Annie Hall 2011

Words of wisdom.

Got to see this movie as soon as possble. Something tells me that I’m about to love it.

An outfit that my mum would love as much as I do.

Two outfits that my mum would definitely hate but I still love them.

The One.

Me too, Carl. I just remember to take the sunglasses off from time to time.

The world would be such a brighter place if he had said that when he interrupted Taylor Swift 2(?) years ago.

Hahahahaahahahaha…..wait! Seriously? Nooooo. I do. I love youuuuuuuu!
I love Carrie’s lines in SATC. And Miranda’s. And Samantha’s. And….(you got the point,right?)

Can you actually believe that THIS was a Chanel add? Me neither.


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