Oh No He Didn’t: Too much, too soon

Unfortunately Twitter-addicted celebrities are not the only ones who overshare. Men do, too. Here’s a list of all the things ladies are not really eager to hear, yet men spill out a little too soon or –even worse- a little too detailed.

1.      Family Guy. This happens to me all the time –according to my guy friend K., it is because I look very decent and neat, a true “good”girl. We all do love our families. Yet we don’t feel the need to analyze our family tree, whine about how much we miss our mum or show strangers photos of our nephews at any given time.

2.      Pretty Little Nicknames. We have been dating for two weeks –or less- and you’re already calling me “baby”, “honey”, “bee” or “sweetie”? Firstly, it is waaaaay too soon and secondly, what’s with all the lovey-dovey nicknames? Is there something wrong about my name you’d like to discuss? Don’t tell me that it’s a expressing-your-love thing, because I’ve read Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and there isn’t a single nickname resembling a teddy bear or any other stuffed animal in it.

3.      How You Met Your Ex. This is a big no-no-no for guys as well as girls. Talking about your previous relationship with a new person is a highly uncomfortable topic, especially if the relationship ended badly. If you’re on a first date, explaining how heartbroken your last girlfriend left you, take it as a sign: You’re probably still not able to move on, so don’t waste that poor gal’s time. And you’re definitely not going to move on, since no lady enjoys that kind of conversation and there’ll be no second date. It shows that you’re still stuck in the past and in most cases we see it as some sort of comparison or competition, which is a total turn-off. Same rule applies to all your “conquests.” Sincerely, we don’t want to know about all the girls you kissed (even if it was your mum on the cheek. See #1!), dated or slept with.

4.      The Big Women Theory. In case you haven’t found out already, most women don’t cope well with misogynistic views or people who think we have too many shoes. Try bringing up issues like a)how most women are terrible drivers, b)women should stay out of politics or business, c)women are useless with numbers, maps and all kinds of devices, d)spend too much time doing their make-up/ shopping or e)gossip too much, I dare you. You’ll soon find out a stiletto has many, many uses. 

5.     Two and a Half Compliments. Listening to a man bragging about himself is one of the few things more boring than a grammar class, if not completely annoying. Most sane women are not interested in how many goals you scored the last time you played football with your mates, how much you can drink before you pass out, if you’re dressed from head to toe in Prada or you are befriended with all the bartenders in the city. After endless conversations with guy friends, dates as well as former boyfriends I reached the following, quite impressive conclusion: Real men rarely talk (not boast!) about their truly admirable achievements, like helping a friend in need, defending someone who was being bullied, preparing miraculous desserts or giving all the money from their summer job to their older sister. And when you ask them, they usually smile shyly and turn cherry-red.


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