Links of Love

  1. Chocofudge brownies that are healthy and low in calories, but taste truly naughty. I baked them for a picnic with my man and he loved them! 
  2. Food for thought? What were the favorited nibbles of the most important writers? An illustration with humor.
  3. Since we’re talking food, take a look at this cleverly designed resume  – it looks just like an ordinary candy bar!
  4. In case you run out of romantic comedies to watch – as if! – browse through this list. The last one I watched was Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was not bad, but definitely nowhere near as good as my all time favorite 10 Things I Hate About You.
  5. “Good art never makes you feel too stupid to understand it, even when you don’t.” For more life lessons that weren’t included in our schools curriculum, click here. I can’t promise you’ll agree with them all, but there’s a sparkle of truth in most of them. 
  6. This pie gives a reality check regarding Instagram obsession.
  7. How Badly Do You Have to Pee, and is It Worth Getting Up? This article will definitely make you laugh.

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  1. The one about "how badly do you have to pee and don't want to get up":
    Let me tell you. there are only 3 times the average person can hold it in.
    First you'll start to notice, but you push the thought away, the second time, the necessity of a bathroom still feels quite far away and the need to pee quite controllable, the third time you feel that it's definitely necessary to go to the bathroom. There is no way around it. And if you still don't go. Well good luck.

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