Links Of Love

Oh, it’s time for links of love again!

  1. Last time we learned 50 new, creative ways to say “You’re awesome!” This time, Train –the famous band- teaches us 50 ways to say goodbyeIs it me, or the music sounds like the theme of The Phantom of the Opera?)
  2.  “To those who have given up on love: I say, “Trust life a little bit.” To read more inspiring quotes by the award-winning author and poet Maya Angelou, click here.
  3. By far the best Call Me Maybe cover. This is how we do it in fashion.
  4.  The Mysterious Allure of the Yoga Pants, by Garance Dore. I’m the girl that never wears sweatpants in public, but even I succumbed to the allure of wearing yoga pants. It might sound insane, but I feel much sexier when I have my yoga pants on and I’m working out than when I’m wearing a super tight, super short skirt and high-heels. (As I’ve said before, sexy does not really work for me.)
  5.  This is for Project Runway addicts. 15 ways to insult people by Michael Kors. My favorite is the following: “Looks like something a Teletuby would wear at a party.”

Lots of love,

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