Links Of Love

Oh, it’s time for links of love again!

1.      If you are a neat freak like me, you’ll definitely appreciate this YouTube channel. Linda Koopersmith shows us how to fold everything –from t-shirts to umm, thongs!
2.      Do you want to know why he dumped you? This girl has the answer (or more accurately 10 different reasons why he did it!) Check her other videos, as well; you might not agree with everything that comes out of her mouth, but she’s totally hilarious.
3.      I have a huge sweet tooth, so I’m still wandering: Why haven’t I made these mouthwatering brownies yet? As the blogger herself says, you will only regret licking the screen.
4.      My better half. It is little things that make us unique, lovable and completely irreplaceable.
5.      Last but definitely not least, my favorite link of the week. Awesome People Hanging Out Together is a lovely tumblr account with photos of artists, actors, musicians, politicians and intellectuals hanging out together, often in unexpected combinations.

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