Links of Love

  1. Although it feels like Halloween happened a decade ago, I still can’t get over these adorable little artists’ costumes.
  2. This is not a love story. This is a story about love. In Greek, yet beautifully written.
  3. We all have that Facebook friend who has the same pose or expression in every single photo of his/hers, right? Bad news: He/she is not alone; these celebs are repetitive posers, as well!
  4. Did you like the Toy Story series as a kid? Then you’re about to love their adult version; smart, artistic and perfectly executed.
  5. Ladies, it has happened to all of us: Crush/ boyfriend/ ex/ flirty friend messages you, but you’re not definitely sure how you should interpret his words? I’m not a certified interpreter yet, so in case of need you can use this site.
  6. Sometimes I just feel that urge to do things alone and spent some time all by myself. However, most times I can’t help but feel a little guilty, thinking that I’m being antisocial or there’s something wrong with me. Now I know I’m not the only one as well as how to actually ENJOY doing things by myself.
  7. Last, but definitely not least. The following link is a blog written by a couple friends of mine, Ianthi and Katerina. It’s called The fatal sins of two blonde Queens, something I don’t really understand since they seem to always strike the right note, both style-, theme- and layout-wise. It’s still very new, but these ladies seem to have done their fashion homework and we’ll be hearing lots of interesting things from them. Make sure to pay them a visit!


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