light up your face with gladness, hide every sign of sadness

Sometimes I feel a little sad. Or maybe a lot. And this is usually the moment when my insecurities kick in. About my love handles. My lower abdominals that are the living proof that I’m a major cheesecake lover. The tiny marks on my skin that proove that I have, indeed, been a teenager with acne once. The slightly darker area around my eyes that shows that I prefer playing bowling with my friends until late at night instead of sleeping a bit more. About…

Then I get more sad. Sometimes I even hit the bottom of the bucket called misery. 
And this is the moment when I always have this magical epiphany. It is always the same quote, the very same words. “Happy girls are the prettiest said Audrey Hepburn. And I totally agree with her. To justify my agreement I would like to add an example: A week ago I was browsing through the photo albums of one of my facebook friends. And there wasn’t a bad photo of hers. Why? Because she was wearing that radiating, lovable and honest smile in every single photo.

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