La Vie Privée [Fashion Editorial]

Emmanuelle (Alt) – editor in chief of the French Vogue – could as well have posed herself for this shot, it’s her “uniform” look, the skinny leather pants, the pointy pumps, the versatile blouse and he long straight hair. If she ever shows up at a fashion week dressed differently means that world’s probably going to collide.

La Vie Privée:
Caroline Brasch Nielsen styled by Emmanuelle Alt and photographed by Terry Richardson
Very Victoria Beckham, right? 
Photos via VO

No matter how highly sophisticated holding your oversized satchel bag as a clutch may look in editorial, this would have n-e-v-e-r worked in real life. It reminds me of when you’re late for you next university class but the professor’s still talking, so you pick up your bag like that and try to escape as discreetly as humanly possible.

Are we sure that Victoria Beckham didn’t help styling this fashion shoot? Because it’s obviously her signature look – and of course tremendously superb. #style_drool

A guy friend of mine asked me last spring (?) what would be “in” for men in the winter 2013-14 and among the photos I sent him there was one of a Burberry sweater with the same pattern as the blouse in the in the photo. Of course my intention was to mock him, so every time I see this pattern I have to laugh.


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