I Go To Class For Fashion

People say don’t judge a book by its cover and a girl by her clothes. But sometimes I can’t help it; I feel like a coffee addict reaching for a Starbucks Venti Vanilla Latte. Since I’ve spent endless moments of pure boredom in class I came down to five types of girls that haunt university halls.

1.      The Overachiever. Among her fellow high school students she looked overdressed. Among her fellow university students she still looks overdressed. Blazers, pearls, furry vests, oversized it-bags and perfectly done makeup even when classes start at 9 a.m. – this girls looks like she has already graduated and started looking for a job. An office job. An office job with a strict, very adult-like dress code. She dresses to look the part but she comes off as she’s trying too hard (or even worse: as she’s older than she really is)

2.      The Bad Ass. It’s all about black. The black leather jacket and the black leather combat boots are signature items of this girl. Grunge oversized knits in various shades of grey and –what else?- black. Ripped (or really close to getting ripped) tights under barely there skirts or cardigans worn as dresses. Loads of pendants around her neck and stacks of leather bracelets on her wrists; many of them were bought at flea markets, diy-ed or borrowed from friends or boyfriends.

3.      The Still-In-High-School. To be honest, I had to see Paul Frank clothing since my 14 year old brother’s last birthday party. This girl looks like she’s still in high school. Or kindergarten. Because this is the place where the hoodies with dog patterns, claws or paws, animal ears she wears belong to. She carries around the same backpack she used in high school with all her best friends’ and favorite bands’ names on it. Her backpack even matches her pencil case (her what?). When she’s on  a girly mood she wears plaid skirts accompanied by various stocking items that make her look like a naughty manga school girl.

4.      The Party-Goer. Her uniform consists of a few basic staples: Hoodie, comfy jeans, black sunglasses(to hide under-eye black circles) and wake-me-up coffee cup. Have you ever experienced a hangover? If yes, then you definitely know how hard it is to put together an outfit that consists of overly complicated garments, such as clothes with buttons or zippers. When she decides to make a (day) appearance, the Party-Goer swears by her uniform: the outfit that requires minimum thinking.

5.      The Alternative. Her outfits are heavily influenced by her music choices. Now imagine Janis Joplin sitting next to you during English class. You get the idea, right? To describe this style use keywords such as: boho, loose, linen, ill-fitting, pendants with mystical healing powers, stacks of beautiful rings, dusty colors, psychedelic prints, peace, love and a tobacco pouch that matches her woven bag.

But there is another one student figure I’d like to discuss, in  a positive, kind manner this time -I promise.

6.     The Stylish Guy. Slightly hipesteric; he’s the kind of man that The Sartorialist’s Scott Schuman would probably spot and photograph from far away. He is well-kept without looking like he tried at all. Sensitive shoes, a Montgomery coat and a fancy yet quiet notebook are his signature items. Oh, and the messy hair as well –the only non-neat part of his outfit.

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