Gone From Tweezing To Aging Concerns

Today I found myself at a loss for words. Yes, I. Because my beautician told me she’s 30. And she looks (and sounds) like she’s 23. And we also chat and giggle like we’re both 15.

Yet I complimented her on looking younger, but she kept talking about how 16-year olds nowadays wear too much makeup. Her exact words were “A couple days ago a 16 year old girl came here to have her eyebrows done and she was wearing mascara, eye pencil and blush. Which is exactly what I’m having on right now! But she’s 16 and I’m 30; it’s so odd.”

No, the only thing that looked oddly amazing to me is that she wasn’t wearing foundation. Her skin looked so perfect and glow-y (but definitely not shiny) and smooth and even and bright and…. Simply perfect. (well, she’s a beautician, so you wouldn’t expect less right?)

Apart from stunned, I couldn’t help but feel a little jealous, as well. Especially after remembering that a week or so ago a girl I met through a common friend was taken aback when I told her that I’m a freshman. And then she explained (and apologized since she saw my face going dark and worried) that she thought I was a sophomore or a senior. Oh spirits of moisturizing cream and gods of sunscreen, am I looking older than my age? I’m not quite ready to get age-concerned already!
What should I do? Wear less makeup? Put my hair in braids? Or even pigtails? Wear little cute cardigans with bows and cat patterns on them (now I’m thinking about it birds and cats’ patterns were quite popular the last seasons)?

Just before going ballistic I  suddenly had an tiny epiphany: it’s not only the way I look –of course I look more mature when I have a full smoky eye going on (especially if you also consider that it was perfectly executed)- but the way I act and carry myself and the people I surround myself. I hang around with sophomores and seniors. So people logically think that I’m one two. The way I dress and carry myself after Blair Waldorf worshiping and too much Audrey Hepburn idolizing in my teens says neat and classy. I’m also quite shy, quiet and slightly introverted, which functions as a characteristic of maturity to those that do not know me? (It’s only my po-po-po-poker face, people!)

Because inside you know… I chat and giggle like a 15 year old.
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