Girl Meets World: Sexy

LC once said “I can pull off cute, but I don’t have an ounce of sexy in me.”, something I can totally sympathize with. Because let’s be honest… sexy-ness is something you whether have or you’re classified as cute/ quirky/ classy for the rest of your life.

Unfortunately, I remember pretty well the first and last time I worked on project “s.e.x.y.”. I must have been around 16 and going to a party that my crush at the time would attend. I was determined to win him (back), so I intentionally put on an outfit that will haunt me forever, hanging on my  Fashion Wall Of Shame: A blue leopard dress. Short and strapless. I could as well have gone to the party in my bikini, it would be less embarassing. Apart from being tasteless -something I was too young, too excited and too anxious to notice, it was also something I could definitely feel: sexy. More sexy than my 16-year old self could possibly handle. More sexy than my 19-year old could handle, as well. So, I ended up feeling extremely uncomfortable the whole night, which I’m afraid was quite visible. So I ditched the concept of sexy-ness for quite a while after that incident.

However, I grew up and realised that sexy-ness doesn’t always have to do with clothes, shoes, hair or make-up. Sometimes the aura or the personality of someone are sexier than the clothes he/she has on (or the garments that are missing from their outfit). Like the “I’m so sophisticated and mysterious and what else.. huh sexy, but I’m acting like I don’t care about it” vibes of the French women. Or my friend Katerina, who apart from having an amazing feminine figure, is also extremely street smart and knows how to respond every time someone addresses her. In a  few words, she knows how to flirt and flirt back, looking like all the hot chicks from movies and the Sex and The City series. It’s so interesting, I could possibly put my vodka aside, take out my notebook and keep notes. But it’d be totally unsexy, right?

Smiles and eyes play a really important role, as well. Not only on women, but also on men. My cousin Stergios has one of the sexiest smiles I’ve ever seen on men. It’s not like he has the perfect denture, on the contrary, but his smile is so genuine and bright, that it could light up New York on New Year’s Eve. Well, that’s sexy (and now you probably think that I’m capable of incest). There are also sexy people out there, who can look at you in a sexy way, making you feel sexy, too! Incredible, isn’t it? 

And what about guys in TV series? Right now I’m hooked on Privileged (TV series from 2008-9) and can’t get enough of Brian Hallisay. It’s not like he’s taking his shirt off in every episode (unlike Keegan Allen in Pretty LIttle Liars); it’s his eyes, his smile, the way he moves, the character he’s playing. What’s the definition of it? Wait, it’s called effortlessly sexy. Or guys in real life? Imagine you’re dating the jeans and a tee guy and one day he shows up dressed up, shirt, leather jacket and nice shoes (Beware- the jeans stay; they’re his signature piece.), so you are like “wow!”, because out of the blue he’s so please-take-me-home-now sexy.

In conclusion, I think being sexy has more to do with the vibes a person sends out than external appearance. Appearance is important as well -could you imagine Beyonce without her legendary, sensual strut? Neither can I. Therefore, attaining a certain level of sexy-ness is possible for everyone. See you around sexy creatures, I’m off to burn my blue leopard dress and start looking for my hot red lipstick. Kisses!

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