Girl Meets World: Hair

When it comes to hair, I like to think of myself as a low maintenance person. For the first 18 years of my life my hair routine consisted of three steps:

  1. Wash.
  2. Blow-dry.
  3. Occasionally brush but mostly let them do their own thing, since that’s what hair always does, right?

No fuss, no extravagant hair products, no time-consuming hairdos. I also didn’t use any straightening or curling tools, unless it was some special occasion, e.g graduation ceremony or a party that my crush at the time would attend. Here I’d like to add that even though I spend my elementary and junior high school years having annoyingly flat and straight hair, during senior high school my hair became slightly wavy and now (at university) it even forms loose curls. How did that happen? I used to joke that the more I get to know about men and relationships, the curlier my hair becomes, which actually means that I’m going to end with Afro hair at some point of my life.

Anyway, back to the aforementioned hair routine. This year has been a revelation year when it comes to hair -for me at least. I made some progress, if you can call it this way.

First of all, I started straightening my hair very often, bought my own straightener, as well. Which when you live permanently in Corfu it’s quite stupid, since no matter what you do, the humidity levels are so high that at the end of the day/ night my hair would go back to being wavy.

Then, I started using stying mousse.  I’m really thankful to my friend Ioanna M., who apart from having goddess’ hair herself is also extremely good at making my own hair have that goddess quality, for introducing this amaaaaazing hair product to me. And you know what? It is not as scary as I thought it would be! Like requiring some special technique or making my hair sticky. It’s like towel-dry, scrunch scrunch scrunch (and then scrunch some more!), whip hair back and forth a few times and tataaaah! Goddess hair! 

Chapter 3 of my hair adventures: Color, color, color. After having friends complimeting me on how the color of my hair became lighter under the summer sun, I had to take action. Am I the only woman that doesn’t enjoy slowly turning into a blonde during the summer months? I’ve never though of changing my hair color, but this time I was pissed off and determined: Dark chocolate brown. 

Then I thought it was a good idea to ask the saleswoman. Why? WHY? And foremost: why? Imagine asking for hot chocolate and getting wine. That’s what happened. Now my hair looks exactly the way it did before it was bleached by the sun, just more reddish. Not bad. Not bad at all.* Just not what I was looking for. It will take a long long time before I experiment on my hair again….

Dream hair.
What’s about your hair routine? 


*I’m not quite sure, if it was good though. 24-hours of brown-reddish hair have gone by and my dad just asked me if I’m actually going to use the dye I purchased. Yes, dad, I would definitely use it. If it wasn’t on my head already.

(photos: tumblr)
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