Girl Meets World: Compliments

Hey you!

Yes, you…

You… (look below!)

Cards on the table, how many times have you responded to a compliment by saying one of the following:

(if they say that you look good)

“Oh no, my hair is terrible and I woke up with this huge zit on my forehead today and and…” [you get the idea]

(if they say that you’ve lost weight)

“Are you kidding? I’ve put on like four pounds and my belly looks like I’m pregnant!”

(if they compliment your photos)

“Oh well, you know, that friend of mine who took the photos makes miracles happen.”




“Yeah, sure…” (in that “I don’t believe a thing you say” way)

The thing is… Really? First of all, I think it’s rude to the person complimenting you. It’s like you’re saying “You’re blind/stupid/tasteless/etc.”

Secondly, it’s rude to you. Is it how you want to be seen? And I don’t mean in particular as ugly or un-photogenic, but as terribly negative. Or like you’re fishing for compliments, which is equally bad.

I caught myself doing it constantly last week until I had a breakthrough: this can not go on. We were talking via Skype with a couple girlfriends and one of them said “Oh, Kate, she’s our chic model” and I was like “No no no,who? Me? Model?”. Just uttering these words felt bad, so I sat back and took a mental note:

Because it’ll make you feel better; it’ll boost your confidence.

Welcome this tiny verbal vibe of positive energy; allow it to infiltrate you, discard any negative feelings you may carry.


(Autographs are optional.)

Say thank you.

Remember! Use thumbs, not… middle finger! 😉

Another mental note: Still waiting for that man who will compliment me for my brain and not my looks. Is it a coincidence?

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