Dear Michael (Kors),

What is wrong with your Resort 2012 collection? (Hey,guess who’s back?Me!)

I have to recognise that I’ve never seen such a great…..Proenza Schouler imitation!

And in case you haven’t seen it yet….ta-daaaaa:

(Here comes the bride ermm,collection. Actually the best and worst of -for me at least!)


Think sleek,slender silhouette in bold color……think sexy 007 girlfriend style.Hot…

Yet it reminds me of that (see belowww) as far as the color-talking lasts:

Oh,huh…someone has been using Oscar de la Renta as his inspiration…..


Part Grecian, part LBD in an extended version*,yet simple, a timeless staple that also says OO7 girlfriend.No,I’m definitely not obsessed with James Bond movies!I’ve only seen umm….the one with Halle Berry.Die Another Day??

Well,this is definitely our Die At Another Coctail Party Dress.


Doesn’t it screams summer?

Oh,I found a name for it as well.It is the I Kept My Boyfriends Shirt On After Spending The Night At His Place Shirt-Dress. And I will probably keep wearing it forever….or till he seduces me out of it. 


The I Dove Into My Grannie’s Closet Skinny Pants and Matching Golden Knit Top.

Ugh,I’m exhausted just by looking at it.



Since we started a convo about diving let’s continue with the most stylish outfit a scuba diver could possibly wear. (I wonder….does it actually have some kind of special oxygen equipment on the back?) 

So,in case you buy this dress -and the waist band bag,silly- , dive, swim with the fish and pay visit to the beach bar where you can casually intaract with people.

To move on with my monologue this is the one look that is mostly reminding me of Proenza Schouler colelctions of the past….


I get it all.The animal print skinny pants.The Terminator sunglasses (actually the best  choice,since sunlight is so strong out there). The chunky sandals.

But, seriously…

…it is a RESORT collection.What  the hell does a huge black coat in it??

Summer night might get chilly…..

…..but this piece actually screams New York City December!!!


I know two persons that could carry this outfit out without getting scrutinized by the media.

They are twins.

They live in New York.

They are golden but they often dress like they were too hangover-ed to switch on the light while dressing up in the morn.
Guess who.

Michael, please don’t take this personally.

I wholeheartedly adore you and you know it. Or not.

Well,know you do.


*The absolute must of this season.I think it deserves a special post on its own.

All photos courtesy of Style Caster apart from the second one,which is courtesy of InStyle Us.

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