Da hätte ich keine Chance.

Fabio Volo’s Noch ein Tag und eine Nacht (One more day and one more night) is full of beautiful excerpts that will make you put the book down and wonder. The following is one of my favorite –added a new perspective to the whole the “perfect” man issue.

“Und jetzt bist du auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Mann?”

„Ich hoffe nicht… Weißt du, der perfekte Mann sucht die perfekte Frau, nehme ich mal an. Da hätte ich keine Chance.“

Here’s the translation for my non German-speaking readers:

“So, are you now looking for the perfect man?”

“I hope not… You know something? I suppose that the perfect man is looking for the perfect woman. I wouldn’t stand a chance.”

(The author is Italian, I’m currently reading a translation of the book in German, and here goes a translation in English by a Greek! #globalisation)
Have a nice weekend!


PS: I’m going to a vintage bazaar today! So excited!
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